Edwin L. Cooper

Edwin L. Cooper, PhD, ScD

Letter of Recommendation

My wife and I have worked with California Custom Creations, Inc. on various construction projects over the past 15 years and we have been consistently impressed with the high quality of their work product, attention to detail and consummate professionalism.

Eddie Stokes and his team worked very hard to keep projects on schedule and on budget. Their project management skills were evident in how they managed subcontractors, vendors, and city inspectors to keep everything moving along smoothly. This was a real plus in our books because it allowed us to plan our busy schedules around the construction project.

Additionally, all on-site coordination with the city officials was handled very professionally, and all the required paperwork and billings were sent in a timely manner.

I wish to acknowledge the high standard of performance and professionalism exhibited by California Custom Creations and I would definitely recommend them for your next construction project.

Contact Information:
Edwin L. Cooper, PhD, ScD
Tel: (310) 825-9567
E-mail: cooper@mednet.ucla.edu