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SM-Wood-Deck (1)The residential treatment facility Bridges to Recovery needed to expand and remodel their property to provide better mental health treatment for their patients. The objective of this facility is to provide luxurious treatment to people with mental health disorders, so naturally it was crucial that California Custom Creations was as non-disruptive as possible, as it was quite easy to agitate their clients. It was crucial that the construction process was fast, reliable, and hushed for Bridges to Recovery to be able to continue their work. With Santa Monica’s rigorous standards and building requirements, it was beneficial to our client that CCC had prior experience with both Santa Monica and high quality building practices so that there were no unnecessary delays to Bridges to Recovery’s business. Significant changes to the floor plan of the property were made, and the garage was changed into a gym and yoga studio as was necessary for Bridges’ to continue to offer an effective treatment milieu.

The work completed by California Custom Creations was a complete remodel of the garage building into a gym/yoga studio, and construction of a central office for the property. After some demolition to allow for new features to be built, CCC constructed new walls, complete with professional soundproofing material in order to provide privacy and security to the clients of Bridges to Recovery. The soundproofing material was fully installed by California Custom Creations. The walls were fully finished to include painting and trim by CCC to show a seamless transition from existing walls to new ones. The interior of the garage and the roof was stripped to the wood framing and new structural members were installed to allow for the largest amount of open interior space possible.  All interior walls were smoothed and painted, and the garage floor had a fresh layer of epoxy installed. A new roof to seal and protect the building was the last modification that was made.

“The City of Santa Monica was not easy to deal with on this project and the construction plans required significant oversight from the city’s inspectors. CCC ensured all permits were pulled and provided us with great reporting during the process. Deadlines and budgets were not crossed and effective communication during the process made us able to keep the facility open during most of the process”

California Custom Creations pulled all permits for the project from the City of Santa Monica. Because of Santa Monica’s rigorous plan checking and building requirements, the experience that we have in doing construction in Santa Monica is very valuable.

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