Manhattan Beach

10After being extensively evaluated against three other contractors, the client decided on California Custom Creations due to our flexibility and project planning. California Custom Creations offered to give part time jobs to the youth of the family we were bidding for, and promised the owner that we would teach them many things, from construction techniques to dedication, communication, and integrity. This investment in the wellbeing of the owner’s grandchildren, as well as, the quality of the project we are known for providing not only ensured a great resulting project, but a healthy relationship with the client.

California Custom Creations did a complete interior demolition of the entire building down to the wood framing and removed the existing roof. Some existing walls were demolished as well. The lower level was extended into the existing grade under the house to construct more rooms and added square footage and value to the home. The roof was fully replaced by California Custom Creations, including four new skylights for the kitchen and master bedroom. The living room was joined with the kitchen by removing the structural wall that separated them, which provided a massive open space for the family to converge in. The feeling of openness was even more accentuated by the large east-facing windows above the four panel sliding door that leads to the cantilevered deck. In order to account for such an open space where there used to be a structure, CCC replaced the small non-structural ridge beam with a huge GLULAM beam and left it exposed and stained to display the structural feat that was accomplished. In the corner of the kitchen, a custom booth-style dinner table was designed and built using bamboo.

California Custom Creations also replaced most other features of the house, including windows, floors, doors, fireplaces, and the driveway. Even all of the individual roof rafters were custom detailed and provided a unique weighted look to the finished roof. Every facet of the house that was replaced was custom designed, and ordered and professionally installed and finished by California Custom Creations.

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